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Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are the protagonist couple in the romantic comedy, directed by Hanks himself, who tells how much life can change, if only you are back in the game.

A frame of the film

Written, directed and produced by Tom Hanks, Love suddenly is a carefree romantic comedy that takes its cue from a difficult situation that more and more people, unfortunately, experience: the loss of work at an age in which reinventing itself does not seem so easy. Getting to his game, though, you can find much more of what you hoped to find: in this case, for example, Tom Hanks who also stars in the film is love. Now that you can have a look at stream movies online you can get the chance to watch it easily.

Love suddenly: the plot

Initially, watching the film is thought to be in front of a comedy that addresses the difficult working condition of a generation. In fact, the whole kicks off the dismissal of Larry Crowned (Tom Hanks) occurred not so much for negligence, indeed Larry has been nine times “employee of the month”, because not having a degree can never make a career, according to of the direction. This sudden shock to his life brings Larry to get back into the game and enroll in a course in economics and one on the ability to speak in public, the latter held by a beautiful Julia Roberts.

Of course, Larry is struck by the teacher, even though she has lost a bit of polish and a passion for teaching, partly because of a difficult conjugal situation.

In class Larry befriends the self-confident Talia, who will help him to get back in step with the times and will witness the birth of the sweet love story between the teacher and Larry.

The cast

The two main actors do not need any introduction, but let’s discover together who plays next to them.

Tom Hanks: Over the years Tom Hanks has covered virtually every possible role in the world of cinema: actor, screenwriter, and director, producer, dubbed. Not to mention that he was vice-president of the Academy and still today is part of the Board of Directors. He is also one of the few actors to have twice won the coveted Oscar statute for Best Actor (in 1994 for Philadelphia and in 1995 for Forrest Gump).

Julia Roberts: She too, with her smile, does not need any introduction. The comedy that launched her in the firmament of the stars is Pretty Woman, but Roberts has been able to stand out even for more complex and dramatic roles, like that of Shelby in Steel Flowers. Also because of its versatility it has been one of the highest paid actresses in the world for years, but it has not lost contact with the most important causes, becoming for years UNICEF’s face and contributor and promoting social awareness campaigns. Now go to 123Movies and you will be able to witness their chemistry.