What are the common problems that you can find in sewing machine and how to solve it?

When your sewing machine is not working properly while stitching, then sure you would feel irritated to avoid that there is a need for you to know how to come out from that. A beginner can encounter a lot of problems that can easily discourage a newbie. To improve your skill of sewing definitely check out Teach You To Sew detailed guides. Here we will briefly look at the most typical problems and tips for you to follow to avoid those problems.

When the thread bunching up under your fabric when sewing

In that case there is a need for you to remove your top thread and re-thread the machine. While doing this you have to handle them carefully and make sure your presser foot is up while threading your machine.

How to solve the bend or broken needles

It is the most problematic situation that you face and it would be an annoying one for you to prevent these needles from getting dull or when you stitch on the thick clothes there are chances for the needle to break. You have to carefully remove it and replace them with the new once.

What can be done when your threads keep on breaking

In that case there is a need for you to check up the type of the thread that you are making use of it. It is because the thread that you use for this may be a handmade so that would not suit for your machine. Continue Reading →